July 24, 2016

ASA-118 Docking Endorsement

American Sailing Association course

Prerequisite Certification: ASA-101

Experience Level: “I want to master docking!!”

ASA-118 Docking Endorsement includes two days of docking practice into straight docks and slips. Learn about the four forces at work during docking. Practice single-handed docking, springing off the bow and stern, backing a 34’ auxiliary keelboat. You are welcome to sleep aboard boat during course. Includes text, Docking Techniques. You'll be a master of docking your boat on your own at the end of this 2 day course.

Cost: $599 for individuals, $1139 for a pair, or $1699 for three people.

Ready to lock down your spot?

2023-Lake St. Croix at Bayport, MN

Date Time
June 28th & 29th   Wed., Thurs. 9AM-5PM each day
August 29th & 30th   Tues., Wed. 9AM-5PM each day