July 24, 2016

ASA-104 – Bareboat Chartering

American Sailing Association course

Prequisite Certifications: ASA-101, ASA-103

Experience Level: “I’m a confident day sailor and ready to learn how to liveaboard on a cruising boat!”

ASA 104 – Bareboat Chartering prepares sailors to get the most out of their sailing experience, by allowing them to confidently charter and crew yachts themselves all around the world. This course teaches navigation, boat systems, diesel engine checks, advanced crew overboard techniques, emergency procedures under sail, reefing, double anchoring, finer points of sail trim, cooking meals onboard, general liveaboard skills as well as docking practice. ASA-104 includes the textbook Bareboat Cruising Made Easy. This course includes all meals.

ASA-104 Certification will serve as your European boat license, which is required to sail any vessel in many foreign countries, including Mediterranean and Caribbean ports.

ASA-104 Only: $459 for individuals, $899 for a pair, or $1339 for three people. Includes the ASA-104 textbook and all meals. This is a sleep-aboard course.

ASA-103 & 104 Combination: $899 for individuals, $1779  for a pair, or $2659 for three people. Includes ASA-103 and ASA-104 textbooks, all breakfasts and lunches, and Saturday dinner onboard. This is a sleep-aboard course.

We begin by boarding our boat in Bayfield, Wisconsin on Lake Superior.

Ready to lock down your spot?

Lake Superior

Class Date
ASA 103 & 104 June 17-20. Board June 16th after 7pm.
ASA 104 June 26-27.   Board June 25th after 7pm.
ASA 103 & 104 July 24-27.   Board July 23rd after 7pm.
ASA 103 & 104 July 29-Aug. 1. Board July 28th after 7pm.
ASA 103 & 104 Aug. 5-8.  Board Aug. 4th after 7pm
ASA 103 & 104 Aug. 19-22.  Board Aug. 18th after 7pm
ASA 103 & 104 Aug. 26-29.   Board Aug 25th after 7pm
ASA 103 & 104 Sept. 2-5.   Board Sept. 1st after 7pm
ASA 103 & 104 Sept 9-12. Board Sept 8th after 7pm