July 17, 2016

ASA-105 – Coastal Navigation

American Sailing Association course

This challenging 20-hour classroom course is certified by the American Sailing Association and taught by ASA Instructor Evaluator Captain Joan Gilmore. You will learn how to navigate using a chart and nautical instruments. You will also learn advanced skills such as determining lines of position, running fixes, calculating danger bearings, distance off, tides and currents, and three ways to calculate set and drift. This course is valuable for powerboaters and sailors alike! Allow for 20+ hours of homework time.

Included in this course are class textbook and materials, 1210 training chart, exam, and ASA-105 Certification upon successful completion.

You will need to bring to class: a Pencil, Eraser, Calculator, Dividers, Parallel Rulers. See http://www.weems-plath.com to purchase your supplies. Registered students get 30% discount.

ASA 101 is required prerequisite for ASA 105 certification. This course along with ASA-104 are the pre-reqs for taking ASA-106 Advanced Coastal Cruising.

Cost:$229 per person

Questions? Contact Captain Joan today!


2021 Class Dates for ASA-105:
Saturday Oct 16 10AM - 2:30PM
Saturday Oct 23 10AM - 2:30PM
Saturday Oct 30 10AM - 2:30PM
Saturday Nov 13 10AM - 2:30PM
Saturday Nov 20 10AM - 2:30PM - Exam Day